What Are The Best Hairstyles For Little Girls With Natural Hair

As a mother, sister, father or even brother people sometimes find themselves, or often in charge of hairstyles that tame the hair of the smallest. Little girls rely on the mothers to be pretty and ready. Just that! Does your daughter love trying new hairstyles? Enjoy all the variations offered by her hair with these 4 ideas of divine hairstyles for natural kids hair.
Little girls love to feel pretty. One of the parts of the body that challenges them most is their hair. There is a wide variety of hair styles for girls. Below, you will discover some hairstyle ideas for little girls with long hair. Whether for a special occasion or everyday, all the little girls are happy to be well capped. However, do not be obsessed with the perfect hairstyles for little girls. The disorder also allows many hairs to be highlighted.

Hairstyles for girls with long hair

1. Ponytail and braids


This is a fantastic option to associate with dresses during special events. This hairstyle is relatively simple to perform. You will certainly be able to escape. The only prerequisite is to know how to make braids. First, make a half division of the head, from the forehead to the neck. Take a mass of hair on one side at the forehead and divide it into three equal parts to make a braid. As you make the braid, take more hair up and down to flatten the braid to the skull. When reaching the ears, do not take extra hair from the top, take only the hair from the bottom. Proceed identically on the other side.
In the center of the head, unite the hair you have left behind the two braids to make a ponytail. Tie the ponytail with a rubber band or directly with the hair. Relax the braids slightly to give them more volume.

2. Braid on the side


Using a comb, draw the line on one side of the head. The hair on the side where there is the least hair will be used to make the braid. Tie the rest of the hair with a rubber band so you do not mix anything up. To make the braid, take three small locks and cross them. Try to direct the braid backwards. Once it is finished, attach it momentarily with an elastic band. On the other side, let go of the hair.

3. Loose hair with a scarf


In addition to the braids, it is possible to use accessories such as scarves to style little girls. This hairstyle is relatively simple, you just need to untangle the hair and put it back. Put the scarf behind your girl’s neck so you can tie it up. You can knot up or on the sides. If you wish, you can also associate the scarf with a braid or a ponytail. Listen to the wishes of your daughter.

4. Simple hairstyle with bun


This is another ideal hairstyles for little girls with long hair for the everyday life. To make it, style your hair and draw a triangle on the top of your daughter’s head. You can do this by styling the hair laterally starting at the forehead and opening the lines as you reach the back of the head. Combine this hair with a wick from the top. Then comb the hair from the sides to the back of the ears.