Is Hair Darkening Shampoo Worth It

The hair darkening shampoo is a great alternative for those who want to transform the look. It changes hair color without damaging it so much, which usually happens when you use dyes or bleaches. Using hair darkening shampoo enhances the shades and color of hair, brightens it and is less aggressive.
In addition, it does not harm other chemicals already existing in the wires.

How do hair darkening shampoos work?

Hair darkening shampoos have a lower ammonia concentration than conventional dyes, so they damage yarn less when used. The hair darkening shampoo changes the color of the hair and darkens both natural light and artificially colored hair. The shades provided by this type of shampoo are due to the natural extracts that act on the hair depositing a film of colored pigments around it, hair shaft and coloring without damaging the hair structure. According to the expert, there are some shades of this kind of product that have the whitening power, but only in natural hair. The hairdresser warns, however, that for applying shampoo to darken hair, it is necessary to mix hydrogen peroxide to activate the product, and the hair does not lighten more than two shades. As this product does not open the hair cuticle to deposit color, the product’s shelf life is shorter compared to conventional dyes. The color obtained with the product generally lasts about 10 to 15 washes.


Who is it for and when should you use it?

The hair darkening shampoos are recommended for those who want to keep the color of the hair without going through the dye. Women who want to hide the first few gray hairs can also bet on the product as it darkens their hair but saves it from a permanent dye. This type of shampoo is also well recommended for those who have other types of hair chemistry, as it does not harm the hair and reignites the color of dyed and / or faded hair over time.
For redheads, darkening hair with shampoo often contain pigments of copper or red hues, maintaining the color. Already shampoos for blondes, take bluish or violet tones to counteract the orange tones that appear on the wires.

How to Use Hair darkening shampoo

It is what the name implies, a hair darkening shampoo, so it should be applied just like any other shampoo. Wash your hair well, then shampoo your hair, let the time it says on the packaging and then rinse your hair. The effect will last between 10 to 15 washes, and then you can choose to repeat the process in the same shade or another, use dye and be more permanent, or not paint at all.