Perfect Guide Of How To Repair Damaged Hair From Flat Iron

Do you know when the wires are dull, opaque and rough when you just flat iron? Your hair is straight, but not the result you wanted? How to repair damaged hair from flat iron?
One thing that can damage and influence the hair too much and lead to the burning of the hair, is to use very often flat iron at very high temperature, this impairs the natural greasiness of the hair leaving the hair totally lifeless and poorly looked after.

But here comes the question, how do you recover your damaged wires?

The first thing to do is to assess the condition of your hair, because if the hair is very or less damaged, the treatment is different. Rest assured, here are the tips on how to treat hair damaged by a flat iron!

How to treat:

Damaged Yarns (Low Level) – In the case of poorly damaged yarns, the hair fiber is not so damaged and performing Hydration, you may already notice a good job on your locks.
Damaged hairs (medium level) – For hairs that are slightly more damaged, with the high porosity felt on touch with your hands, it is recommended that you use a more intense treatment such as Hair Reconstructor, it will treat your flat iron hair damage since scalp to the ends, providing intense reconstruction.
Damaged SUPER Yarns (High Level) – Super damaged yarns usually suffer damage to the hair fiber, and to recover it requires deeper care, keratin-based and mass replacement, ie treatment focused on reconstruction and nutrition.

iron for hair

Very hydration, always!

For heavily damaged hair, hydration can be part of your routine twice a week. Choose your favorite concentrated mask and set aside those extra minutes in the bath for a full treatment.
The key to making hydration more powerful and prolonging the effect of the hair treatment is to add 3-4 drops of argan oil to the mask. The product has a formula rich in vitamins A, D and E, minerals and omega salts, as well as being a powerful antifrizz.

Nutrition hydration interaction

Moisturizing is responsible for returning water lost to the hair, but it is nutrition that will replenish all the essential nutrients in the hair. Therefore, merge both treatments into your hair schedule along with cauterization to fix burnt hair from flat iron. Gradually your locks will regain strength, elasticity and shine.

Do not use bells when your hair is much damaged

Since your wires are damaged, it is no use doing the treatments and continues using the flat iron often.
Take a break from the heat tool and bet on other hair styling with the help of finishers or texturing techniques. It’s a great way to renew your look without damaging the wires.